Why Solar Energy?

by Sara Pernas

SMA Solar Technology AG, a global leader in the development, production and sales of photovoltaic inverters, presented this week a new video to tell the world how solar energy can benefit the worldwide energy supply.

Did you know photovoltaic plants from Germany produce more electricity than all the nuclear power plants in the power distribution grid, only in a sunny day? Explaining how the world is changing – fossil fuel limitations, nuclear power plants are not available anymore, new countries are growing -, SMA Solar Technology proposes renewables as our very best alternative to produce energy: while the whole world is running out of petrol, and its prices continue rising, renewable energy resources are endless and are becoming more and more affordable. In fact, solar panels are now a more than good alternative for underdeveloped countries which are not connected to the grid: solar energy offers an independent and affordable new way to generate electricity easily.

“The energy revolution can succeed with an intelligent renewable energy mix.” Are you still out? Contact us and join the club!

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